Choosing a Dance School that fits with Your Values

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It can be a big decision choosing the right dance studio and classes for your child. Here in Newcastle we are so lucky to have such a great diverse selection of choice when it comes to dance studios.


So as a parent, how do you choose the right studio that will help your child grow and learn, not just as a dancer but in life, as well as find a studio where you the parent feel the schools values line up with your highest values.


Selecting the right dance studio based on your values and your child’s happiness is very important. We have put together these tips that will help you select the school that is the right fit for you and your dancer.


1. Your Child’s needs


Talk to your child (if they are old enough) and find out what they are looking for from Dance. Do they have dreams and aspirations of achieving a future career as a dancer or a teacher or is your child purely wanting to attend dance to have fun and learn some dance skills with their friends, you will want to select a studio where the focus is on building on the requirements you most highly value.



2. Longevity of the School.


How long has the school been in existence? If they have been around for a long time, they are obviously successful for a reason.

Does it have a good reputation? Ask around, what do other parents think of the



3. The Curriculum


What is the curriculum on offer at the school? Do they offer a variety of dance styles and a variety of skill levels to students?


Will your child progress based on their skill level and specific requirements?



4. Quality of Teaching. 


Does the studio have both young, energetic teachers, and those with years of experience?


Most teachers have trained with and belong to professional organisations which administer dance training and examinations from beginners to professional level.


Highly respected organisations such as the Royal Academy of dance are recognized worldwide and ensure teachers have met and attained professional quality teaching standards. This is particularly important in the style of classical ballet as teachers who have met these requirements will generally ensure there is professionalism and structure to classes and that the correct and proper technique being taught.
Instructors specialising in the teaching of other styles such as Jazz, Funk  and Contemporary will often have a strong knowledge of classical technique also, these teachers are often very energetic and dance regularly themselves so that they are keeping up to date with the latest trends in both music and choreography.


How approachable is the staff?


Are they happy to give you enough time to answer all of your questions? What policies does the school have in place for parents to contact teachers or management so that maximum teaching time is provided and classes aren’t disrupted?


How does the staff treat their students, when interacting with them?


The style and approach of the teachers is also very important. Your child will obviously learn dance from their teacher, but their teacher will become a role model for your child and can help teach confidence, self belief and will help inspire your child through encouraging them to enjoy their dancing and have fun.


AT TMP, we offer a trusted team of professionals, who understand the needs,

outcomes and overall benefits of dance that can be achieved over time. We also understand the challenges faced by young people today and the importance of having positive influences, discipline, a strong value system, and a safe place for healthy expression with creative and likeminded peers.


Dancing can be such a positive experience for a young person, something that will give them skills to help guide them throughout their entire life.


A beautiful quote from Allied Schools of Dance in London is so true and so important

– “Give a child a love of dance, and they will keep that for the rest of their life.”


You can read their article here on what makes a good dance school



5. Style and Atmosphere of the School


What is the style of the school?


Do they hold exams and performances? A good school will be proud of the successes students have achieved and will be willing to tell you about these.


It is important to talk to you child about why they want to dance. If they are focused on pursuing a career in dancing and becoming a professional dancer, this will become evident in their early teens and this is a time that students and parents need to select a school which can meet the requirements of this important training. A good school will provide the right foundations for young dancers and encourage them to pursue training with higher training if the student demonstrates the potential and love of dance for a future career. A lot of children want to develop their skill of dance while having fun and using dance as an after school activity, this is achieved by finding a school with a more balanced focus. It is important to remember that some children are just not natural exam candidates and many children dance purely for pleasure.


TMP Dance Studios provides solid guidelines where students are always given the respect to achieve the results they desire. We encourage our students to pace their progress on their own individual abilities. Our students are trained from a very young age to offer support and encouragement to all fellow students. We have found that by not promoting competitions within our own studio we have created a beautiful and nurturing environment which attracts and maintains likeminded parents and students. Students are offered the opportunity to enter competitions externally if they wish; this is an opportunity that is offered to families not an expectation.


We believe that TMP is unique due to our belief that the best results are achieved by treating dance as a gift. We promote the love of dance first and foremost and it is our hope that our studio offers students a strong foundation in skills and enjoyment of dance that will last a lifetime.