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Women’s Wellness life coach Lisa Mills  has been assisting people for over 24 years to build strong and healthy bodies and minds so that they can live the most awesome, happy life possible. Her key aim is to motivate and inspire people to take action with their health and well-being. Lisa is often asked to speak at business events on the topic of performance and well-being and writes for several blogs both in the corporate and female fitness and well-being space.

Lisa Mills is also a mum of 2 kids, and chocolate lover!  To get on contact with Lisa visit


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Feeding your family healthy food shouldn’t be confusing but it is in today’s world because of conflicting expert opinion and sneaky marketing tactics. It can also be challenging to get your kids to eat the food you want them to, especially if they have friends who live on a diet of McDonald’s and slurpees.

And add to that the fact that most of us are running around being taxi mum to our kids for their after school activities and may also be juggling work commitments as well.

So instead of boring you with the same nutritional info you probably already know, I have come up with a simple list of strategies so that you can feel confident that the family are eating well most of the time…after all we do need a nice healthy 20% indulgence quota!

For the record, I don’t subscribe to any one type of eating. However some people are more sensitive to some foods than others and there are some great resources out there to help you understand whether gluten, dairy, wheat, preservatives, colours, flavours and other triggering foods are causing issues in your own body or your kids (both their body and behavior can be affected).

One excellent resource is Additive Free Pantry by Tanya Winfield -a website packed full of helpful information about how to inspire change in your household by looking at the additives in the foods you eat.

Below is a list of strategies for making healthy eating easier and upping the chances of your kids wanting to eat well:


Save the thinking and shopping and buy online Both Coles and Woolworths have an excellent online shopping service and its something that has personally saved me a huge amount of time and money. Currently I’m using Woolworths because I like the Jamie Oliver recipes, so each week I just select 5 dinner recipes I want to cook (the kids often help in the selection), I then click ‘add ingredients to basket’ and I add the other staples I need for the week like stuff for school lunches and breakfasts. It’s all delivered to me at a time in the week I know I am home. The beauty of the online shop is that it highlights the things you buy most often so you are less likely to forget these at ordering time. And FYI it’s the same price as in the shops and if you buy the delivery discount card it only costs $5 for delivery. Woolworths online Coles online Another option is Hello Fresh, and although their food is tasty and the kids have not turned their nose up to a meal once I do find it a little more expensive than doing my own Woolworths shop online.


Set aside an hour a week to bulk prep I am not a fan of cooking during the week, I like to ‘assemble’ my meals instead. Soon a Sunday I take an hour out, put on some music or a podcast and simply prep some food like:

  • Boiling some eggs for snacks or breakfast.
  • Baking a tray of vegetables.
  • Chopping vegetables for stir fries and salads.
  • Making a homemade lunch box treat for the kids (The Additive Free Pantry have lots of ideas).
  • Bag up some smoothies into individual bags so you just have to throw the liquid into the blender with the bag of goodies.


Ask the family to contribute What about asking your kids to name two meals they enjoy that are good for their bodies (code for healthy) and then put the meals on a roster system so they know which days their meals are coming up. The agreement is that they have to eat the meals other family members choose in order to have their meal cooked on the specified night.


Play games at dinner A friend of mine plays games with her kids whilst eating dinner. It could be UNO, name things starting with a letter, celebrity head…you get the point. The idea here is that your kids are having so much fun playing the game they forget that they are eating as well. You could even install a rule that means they cannot have a turn until they eat some of their dinner.


Link food to your kids passion There is nothing more powerful than explaining to kids that certain foods help their body perform the way they want to. If you have a dancer in the family then he or she needs energy for dancing and so you point out foods that help with energy (e.g. protein, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds). I have a 9 year old who loves to surf and mountain bike ride and is not a huge fan of meat. So we work together to choose sources of protein that he thinks are okay and I link them to him building muscle in his legs for getting up tough hills or staying on his board. A word of caution…link foods to helping your kids feel good in their bodies as opposed to linking foods to what their bodies look like. In the world of dance especially kids can be drawn to dieting at dangerous levels to be ‘thin enough’ to dance. This only sets them up for disordered eating patterns and body image issues. Help your kids be proud of what their bodies can do as opposed to what they look like…and for the record, this starts with you leading by example with your own body.

I hope that has given you some useful strategies for making it simpler to feed your family healthy food in a way that is not stressful or time consuming. There is no right or wrong way…just a way that works for you and helps your family live the best life they can.