“Developing Dancers from within”

Welcome to a dance studio that inspires students to shine through movement and quality dance instruction.

First established in 1996 as Tina Moore Promotions & Performing Arts studios, Rebranded in 2011 TMP offer a trusted team of professionals who understand the needs, outcomes and overall benefits to students that can only be achieved by experience over time.

Tina Moore - Director of TMP Dance StudiosWhy we are unique

Today more than ever before our youth are exposed to many factors that distract them from being the best they can be. Young people can find themselves facing many challenges such as; struggling to find their place in society, wanting acceptance and recognition from peers, insecurity or uncertainty about body image, the lack of physical exercise and the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight as childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 3 decades. It is a time when young people need exposure to positive influences, good values, discipline and a safe place for healthy self expression where they are meeting creative and like minded peers. Having been involved in dance for almost 3 decades, I have experienced and seen the huge positive affects that dance can have on all ages but particularly young people if they are given the correct training and a positive dance experience.

I see dance as a gift that has enriched my life in so many more ways than just the physical aspect. Dance teaches self expression, self and body awareness, physical fitness, coordination, musicality, rhythm, discipline, confidence, and respect. It also gives creative people a place where they can go to be a part of something wholesome, nurturing and positive that will enrich their lives both physically and emotionally. I want for students to have the wonderful experiences in dance that I had “for their souls to dance not just their feet”

Long gone should be the days of the old style teaching methods of yelling and demanding …you won’t find that here. While we provide rules of conduct for staff and students, I believe people should dance because they want to dance, and the results achieved will be in direct proportion to the effort put forward by each individual. Our school maintains solid guidelines where students and parents are always given the respect to achieve the results they desire…Our qualified staff will be there to support students if their wish is to excel in the art of dance or if students attend dance purely for the purpose of fun, fitness and friendships the choice is theirs! Our teachers are extensively trained and have the experience to bring out the best in every student.

Our experienced and qualified instructors teach our students to aim for their goals whilst achieving their best through encouragement and support. We expect all students to be supportive of each other’s achievements and endeavours as well as their own. TMP Dance Studios is unique because we believe that the best results are achieved by treating dance as a gift. Not all dancers will go on to future careers in dance but our hope is that the strong foundation in skills, love and enjoyment of dance will last a lifetime.