Vision and Values

In achieving our Vision, TMP Dance Studios and its staff embrace the following values;


Build self esteem through; Teaching techniques of goal achievement, building confidence around body image through exercising and being healthy, Treating oneself and others with respect so dignity as individuals is preserved, a zero tolerance towards bullying or nastiness from students, parents or staff creating a place of positive well being for all involved.

Quality, fun and pure dance without all the fuss! It’s that simple

Our statement is met by;

  • Providing fun and inspiring classes for students whether attending for fun, fitness, to make friends or for students wishing to prepare themselves for a career in dance.
  • Developing and enhancing a range of skills by offering a diverse range of dance styles and classes to cater for the many diverse needs and goals of its students.
  • Providing the highest quality of training available while nurturing the love of dance first and foremost. We promote a kind and caring atmosphere which provides a real sense of community for students and parents alike.
  • Our school firmly believes that success isn’t measured by a trophy. We believe in working together to achieve our goals. We encourage our students to not compare themselves with one another but to challenge their own individual abilities.
  • We offer every student the opportunity to enter the magical world of stage and performance.
  • By giving students the options of classes to enter performances, examinations and eisteddfods.
  • Encouraging students to express themselves and their individuality through the movement of dance, building confidence and a healthy mind, body and spirit.
  • Maintaining an anti bullying policy, we don’t allow any such behaviour or nastiness from students, parents and teachers alike.
  • We provide the best possible tuition for students, ensuring our teachers are trained extensively in their own field and are constantly updating their training methods and all teachers have met the requirements of the’ working with children’ checks.

Be inspired by the magic of dance, dance is for everyone! And we have classes to cater for all ages and abilities. Live it, Love it, breathe it! Just Dance!