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Mum and Bubs classes in 2024!!
Caves Beach & Garden Suburb Locations

Your little Princess or Hero will shine in our Mums & Bubs program. Come and enjoy a special 30 minutes of fun and dancing with your little one (18 months to under 3 years) where mums and bubs embrace the early stages of dance together. This is a fabulous way for mums to also connect with other mums who have children of a similar age

Bookings are essential. Please email us at [email protected] for full details & code or you can complete the form on the Enrol Now page.

Preschool Dance – Caves Beach

Our Preschool classes are for students 3 and 4 years of age wanting to learn an introduction to dance in a magical and nurturing environment.These classes are designed for your child to enjoy with other children and our dedicated and qualified staff. Our morning and afternoon preschool classes run for 45 minutes and are ballet based with some fun jazz variations.

All Tiny Dancers – Mums & Bubs & Preschool students are invited to perform in our end of year concert production along with all of our TMP students.

The importance of music and movement for Preschool aged children cannot be underestimated

Not only is dance one of the greatest sources of joy it also helps children to use the various parts of their brains simultaneously. Music also stimulates a child’s frontal lobes, which are important to both language and motor development.

Just like music, movement and rhythm exercises stimulate the brain which reinforces language concepts. Movement causes the brain to produce endorphins, chemicals that increase both the child’s energy levels and her ability to learn. Movement also sends oxygen to the brain, which aids in the thought process.

Music and movement activities that include cross lateral movement are especially important to brain development. Cross lateral movement includes any movement in which the arms or legs cross the midsection of the body. Cross lateral movement enables both sides of the brain to work together, which is important in strengthening brain connections.

Studio locations

Mums & Bubs -Caves Beach & Garden Suburbs

Preschool 3-4yrs- Caves Beach Only

Our Tiny Dancer Instructors

Tina Moore

Tina began dancing at a very young age and her love for dance has proved to be a lifelong passion. Tina opened her studios and has successfully continued for over 2 decades. Throughout her career, she has coached, taught and mentored countless number of students of all ages, from preschoolers through to mature adults.

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Nikki Heiser-Webeck

Nikki Started dancing as a tiny tot under the tuition of Glenda Papa school of dance where she commenced studies in classical Ballet.
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