Dance Styles

Tuition is available in the following classes:

Preschool ages

Morning Princess Athena and Little Heros Classes from 18months. Afternoon classes at our Caves Beach Studio for Preschool ages 3&4yrs. All Preschool classes are Ballet based with Jazz combinations included.

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School aged students

Classes for school aged students are available in: Classical Ballet R.A.D, Jazz/Funk, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro. Available at our Caves Beach/Swansea studios.

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Ladies Athena Option A. edit

Ladies/Open Classes

Ladies Athena at Garden Suburb & Swansea.  Ladies Hip Hop at Swansea. Our ladies classes offer both performance or casual attendance classes with non performance.

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Your little Princess or Hero will shine in our Mums & Bubs program. Come and enjoy a special 30 minutes of fun and dancing with your little one (18 months to under 3 years) where mums and bubs embrace the early stages of dance together. This is a fabulous way for mums to also connect with other mums who have children of a similar age. Mums & Bubs Classes held at Caves Beach & New to Garden Suburbs in 2022.


This class is for students 3 and 4 years of age wanting to learn an introduction to the fundamentals of both ballet and jazz. This class runs for 45 minutes and you have the option of participating in the Studios end of year full concert production.


Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus

Provides a sound grounding in ballet positions, classical ballet movement and terminology. Classical ballet assists in all other styles of dancing. Our studio teaches under the Royal Academy of Dance, assuring our ballet classes teach the syllabus of the worlds’ leading ballet foundation. At least one class a week is suggested for all dancers to develop technical understanding and the foundation for any other style of dance. Students wishing to participate in R.A.D examinations must attend 2 ballet lessons per week to achieve the correct standards required to sit for these examinations, we recommend ballet students attend 2 lessons per week to capture all information being taught to their particular training class.


Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus
Provides a sound grounding in ballet positions, classical ballet movement and terminology specifically to en pointe work. This is strictly for students aged 11 years and over who are wishing to participate in R.A.D examinations – Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate grades.


This fusion of styles was created in response to the ever-growing Hip-Hop dance scene of the late 70’s/80’s. The classical dance industry responded by developing the studio based style Jazz funk in order to create choreography from the hip-hop dances that were being performed on the street. The combination style is now commonly used by commercial dancers and can be seen on many video clips using isolations and strength to emphasise the movement in a stylized form of street funk and pop. This very popular class is great for all ages, it offers the versatility to bust out to a wide range of music styles and rhythms while gaining the skills and diversity of Jazz& Funk.


Similar to the style performed by the Sydney Dance Company.
Contemporary is artistic blend of ballet and expressive modern movement that  utilizes a combination of floor work, stunning  lines, agility and free ranging movement .A beautiful style which helps develop the love of dance through artistic interpretation and encouragement of self expression& creativity.Contemporary dance is strongly enhanced when students also attend classical ballet and have an understanding of technique and body alignment.


A very popular and modern style of dance is suitable for boys and girls. This raw street style is very earthy, grounded and relaxed. This class is suitable for students who want to learn a free style of dance in a fun atmosphere. We also have a dedicated boys hip hop class for ages 8 years and over.


Private tuition in any of our listed styles is available. Please contact Tina to discuss if you would like your child to have a private lesson.  


Unleash your Inner Goddess! Through Femininity and Connection

Our Athena classes are open to women of all ages who would like to connect with the universal energy and freedom of femininity. Our classes will teach you how to explore and embrace your femininity; you will learn how to shimmy& shake your way to create positive energy, exude radiance, awakening the mind, body and spirit to show off your natural beauty on a journey of self discovery.

So often in our busy schedules we don’t take the time to connect with their own femininity as well as with other women. Contrary to the way media represents women, we are all beautiful and don’t have to be a size 6 or alter our appearance surgically to feel good about ourselves! Athena emphasises performance and characterisation. It is centered around a combination of dance styles including  Jazz, latin, cabaret along with expressive dance.

Our Athena program is offered to women who would like to attend a more relaxed program with less commitment as well as to those women who would like a more committed program. Our classes offer both performance or casual attendance classes with non-performance.
Please visit our Ladies Athena page for more details


With the ever evolving world of dance, the popularity of training in acro has grown. When done in the right progression and appropriate time, learning acro skills can help create a more versatile dancer, along with a better understanding of one’s own body and ways to strengthen skills. Various elements like cartwheels, handstands, and walkovers will be taught during this class. This class will teach correct techniques for acrobatic elements.
We will be running three dedicated classes based on ability and age.


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) will become part of our offered curriculum in 2022 with two of our instructors now qualified instructors of this fabulous program. This program is for anyone 10yrs+ students who want to receive the strength and muscle memory they need to achieve their personal best. More information on this fabulous new class can be found here


Our Ever-popular Acro & Contemporary Programs will now have a very special class available to them. Technique for Acro & Contemporary will be available to students 5-10yrs of Age. This Class is ideal as an additional class to all students attending Acro or Contemporary. This class is designed to cater to develop the strength and technique utilised in Acro and Contemporary.