Terms & Conditions


I understand that students are under the care of TMP Dance Studios only during the individual student’s timetabled class. Students are to arrive with a parent or guardian ten (10) minutes early to their class time and warm up in the waiting area and leave under parent supervision as soon as class is finished. Teachers cannot be responsible for children outside of their allocated class times.

I understand that the foyer areas or any other areas that are in view of students in the class room are not to be used as a waiting area for parents and other students. No parents or other children should view classes as it distracts the students’ attention away from the teacher, with the exception of specifically designated classes as expressed in the terms of said class i.e.: Mums & Bubs classes. Parents and friends will be given the chance to view student progress during Open Week (generally held the last week of Term 1) and other open days and performances as invited by TMP Dance Staff. Seating and waiting room areas are provided where possible that are not in view of dance students.

I understand that teachers are unable to speak with parents during and/or in between class time as it takes away from class time. Please only use phone enquiries for urgent matters between the hours of 9am -2pm Monday to Friday. No text messages or phone calls will be received or responded to outside of these stated business hours. We would appreciate if all dance and class queries were made via email to [email protected] and all account enquiries were made to [email protected] with emailing being our preferred method of contact. All enquiries will be replied to within 24-48 hours.

I understand that young students must be toilet trained and capable of taking themselves to the toilet if necessary during class except for preschool classes. Parents are asked to take younger children to the toilet prior to each class.

I understand that it is a school policy of TMP Dance Studios that unnecessary nastiness, bullying or inappropriate behavior is not accepted. Our school promotes a warm, kind and caring atmosphere. It is what has created a nurturing, happy, healthy environment in which we all care for each other’s wellbeing. Parents or students creating a disturbance will be asked to leave the studio.


I understand that dance instruction often involves some physical contact where a teacher may need to demonstrate an alignment of legs, arms and the posture of the body to assist students to understand the movement, stability or balance. If you disagree with this policy this issue must be addressed to the Principal Tina Moore by you the parent in writing prior to enrolment.


I understand that students need to comply with the specified uniforms for all dance training, as set out on our website www.tmpdancestudios.com.au

I understand that Timetables and scheduling is subject to change, and is at the discretion of the Principal Tina Moore.


I understand that material such as DVD footage and photographs taken of students during classes, rehearsal, or performances managed by TMP Dance Studios may be used for advertising and promotion on social media and printed material. As it is not possible to remove students from group video and photographic footage by agreeing to this, you express permission that the student may be in such footage. If you disagree with this policy this issue must be addressed to the Principal Tina Moore by you the parent in writing prior to enrolment.


It is a requirement that any students wishing to participate in the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams meet the required hours which usually involves a minimum of two (2) graded ballet lessons per week. I understand that by expressing interest in these exams at the time of enrolment, I will be adhering to this requirement.

I understand that extra classes and fees may be associated with the student partaking in the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams and I agree for the student to attend and I agree to pay in full all required fees associated with extra classes and examination fees.

I agree to conduct myself and the student in a manner in which encompasses the safety and wellbeing conditions of TMP Dance Studio immediately before, during and immediately after the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet exams and acknowledge that I am and the student is representing TMP Dance Studio during this process, and will act accordingly.


If you select that the student will be participating in the annual TMP Dance Studio concert on enrolment, you agree to this term, in full.

I agree to accept and make payment of a levy that will be required for costume purchasing, with this money being non-refundable once paid. I accept all conditions including all costume costs that I will incurred. Costume expenses for concerts and performances are to be paid by parents and prices are generally between $40 and $80 per costume per dance routine. I understand that once concert costumes are ordered I am obligated to pay the full amount for the order regardless of if my child decides not to participate. Concert costume costs are divided up during the year where possible to minimize the costs before concert time. I understand that once student’s costume is received it is my responsibility to try the costume on and to ensure that all costume items are included with the costume and to do this in a timely manner. I understand once costumes have been taken by the student or parent, they are my full responsibility and any damage and resulting costs will be my own.

I agree to attend classes and extra rehearsal related to the concert.

I also understand that my assistance may be required at times with fittings or trimmings of dancewear and costumes when needed and to ensure that the student’s measurements and order is correct.

TMP invites parents to be involved in the concert costuming process before costumes are ordered. Parents are welcome to be involved in discussions and participation to assist in reducing of how we can minimize costume costs prior to costumes being ordered.


Invoices for the entire term will be emailed to corresponding email address prior to the start of term. Invoices will automatically include the Early Bird Discount of 5% . I understand that if the term invoice is not paid and received by the accounts team in full within 7 days of invoice date, I will forfeiture the Early Bird Discount and be charged extra accordingly. An updated statement will be sent out on day 8 with the discount removed.

I understand that if I have any outstanding fees by the end of week 7 of term, I will be charged a late fee of $15.

I understand that my invoice must be paid in full by the end of term. Any outstanding accounts may forfeit student class participation in subsequent terms along with a second late fee of $15 charged in Week 2. This decision is at the discretion of the Principle Tina Moore, and will be discussed prior to any decisions being made.

All class rates and discounts are as stated on our website www.tmpdancestudios.com.au

Private lessons are excluded from all discounts/packages and are only liable for the late fee if applicable.

I agree to pay all tuition fees by the due date and understand that if my account has not been paid by the final invoice date my account may be passed to a recovery company and any costs charged by the recovery company will be charged to me along with any outstanding fees. If fees are not paid by the due date I understand that I will be contacted and that my child will be asked to sit out on classes until my fees are paid up to date.

I understand that TMP Dance Studios do not refund term tuition fees for students who decide to discontinue classes during the term. If possible, an alternate class option may be arranged for the student to attend by the parent and principal if it is agreed that another class would be of benefit to the student.

Any account that is in credit due to cancelled lessons by TMP or overpayment of an account will have 3 years from the date the credit is issued to be used towards dance fees. If after the 3 years has passed, any credits will expire and be deleted from your account.


In the case of long term illness or extended travel of over three weeks you may apply for a 50% rebate of fees for time taken off. To apply for illness rebate we require a doctor’s certificate. To apply for the travel rebate we require rebate form to be completed three weeks prior to travel.

In the case one-off student absence, students are welcome to make up the class, by attending any form of dance class, either a level below or above their grade and agreed to by the Principal Tina Moore. If a student misses a term or more, then student must apply to re-enrol. Enrolment will be accepted depending on availability and time of year.


If classes are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will provide a replacement in lieu of scheduled class. Credits will only be given if a replacement class is not held (this would rarely happen and only in extreme circumstances).


I agree that myself/my child will not attend any lessons if they are un well including but not limited to: coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, running nose, COVID, gastro, or any other contagious illness


I understand that learning to dance can involve personal injury and in undertaking such activities the student does so at their own risk. I am also aware that it is a condition of TMP Dance Studios, that it’s principal, instructors, members, assistants or agents are absolved from all liability arising from injury or damage, as a member of TMP Dance Studios when participating in dance lessons or in any way whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of Tina Moore trading as TMP Dance Studios, its office bearers, directors and assistants or agents. I am also aware that while TMP Dance Studios takes all reasonable care in the conduct of their classes, any person learning to dance are only allowed to do so on the distinct understanding of their parents and themselves that they do so at their own risk. I understand that I the parent am responsible for ensuring that my child is medically fit for every class. While my child is enrolled in TMP Dance Studios, I agreed to abide by TMP Dance Studios policies, terms and conditions, including the payment of all fees.