Please contact Tina, Studio Director,  via email at [email protected].

Please email for general enquiries and a time for phone calls to be organised. Please reserve phone and text for emergencies & important urgent matters.

We are located at Swansea, Caves Beach & Garden Suburbs, New South Wales, Australia where we offer classes to all ages 18months to Adults.

We currently have three venues located in these suburbs – please head to the following for full details: Locations

We also offer our Athena Ladies program for Adults & Mums n Bubs class at Garden Suburb, New South Wales, Australia

We have classes suitable for children aged 18 months through to adults. Our preschool to senior classes are inclusive of girls and boys. We have a dedicated boys hip hop class and dedicated adult ladies classes.

Our classes are based on age groups which you can find out on: Classes.

If you require any futher information about class selection, please email Tina at [email protected]

Some of our classes are based on skill level. Please register your child in the age- appropriate class and email Tina at [email protected] if you would like for your child to be assessed for a different aged class. Assessments are generally held at the beginning of each year during weeks 1-2. Please contact Tina at [email protected] to discuss class suitability

We have two dedicated classes for ladies 18 years and over. These classes provide a safe and friendly environment to express your inner dancer.

For full details on our fees, please head to our following page: Classes Fees.

Our fees are invoiced prior to the start of each term.

All invoices are sent out via email, please check spam/junk folders and mark our emails as “not spam”.

Our fees can be paid by three methods:

  1.  Direct payment from your bank
  2. Via PayPal or Stripe through our parent portal system
  3.  Via Direct Debit/Payment Plan

For further details please use the following link: Classes Fees. Or contact our accounts manager Emily at [email protected]

Our registration process is via our online parent portal with instructions and links at: Enrol Today

Our registration process is comprised of two steps, the first is registering your and/or your child(rens) details, followed by class selection and payment of our annual registration fee to secure your class position, as our classes reach capacity quickly.

If you are new to our studio, for your first lesson you can wear comfortable but fitted clothing with appropriate dance footwear or bare feet. For returning students, please follow the link to our uniform page for full details on our studio uniform for each class:  Studio Uniforms

We introduced a brand-new uniform at TMP in 2023. A uniform information brochure will be emailed to all TMP Dance students prior to the completion of 2023. If you are a new student registering for the first time, please request a uniform brochure from [email protected] if you haven’t received one a few days after registering.

Each term we send out a newsletter outlining all important events and information for that term and if available further information about events further into the year. Additional emails will be sent to parents for reminders detailing any important information through the term.

We also post messages in the parent portal and on our facebook page (TMP Dance Studios).

The parent portal is an all-inclusive individualise site that you can find out when your next class is on, all your invoice information, pay your fees, and be linked to various information such as class fines, videos etc. You will also need to enrol in classes each year through your parent portal.

With the exception of our Mums & Bubs classes, we do not allow anyone that is not enrolled in the class to be present in the room during class time. This ensure the safety of our other students, as well as, enabling better concentration and productiveness within the short time that we have to teach your children dance.

We do at various times allow “open classes” in which family members are invited to watch their child in their classes.

Our whole studio end of year concert is generally held in late November to early December of each year. Our concert is a fun-filled family friendly event held on one night of the year to showcase the talents and new techniques our students have developed throughout the year.

During our registration process, you have the option to select to participate in our end of year concert. These routines will be rehearsed as part of our classes throughout the year in preparation for this concert. The number of routines a child will perform in is based on the class age and class style.

All class routines are arranged and choreographed at the teacher’s discretion to suit the ages and class progress.

Our studio has sourced and has been able to provide concert costuming to our dance families at 50% less than other studios over the past 4 years. Parents receive information throughout the year well before concert.

The cost of costumes varies, depending on the number of routines your child is participating in.

In order to participate in a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet examination each year, students are required to attend a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Exam students are also required to meet the exam requirements by the achieved standard. As we want all participation with in our studio to be confidence building for our students we will recommend if exams are suitable for each child at the time exam entries are submitted.

Exams are generally held in Newcastle in August of each year, however, they are also held in Sydney in May and October for senior levels. The time at which students partake in their exam is at the discretion of their class teachers and consultation with Tina.

There is an additional cost to participate in these exams which is set by the RAD, not TMP Dance Studios.

Students wishing to participate in eisteddfods do need to have achieved a certain level of training in the specific genre of dance that they will be competing in. We highly recommend that any student wanting to work towards competitions does attend ballet as a foundation of technical training and body awareness. Teachers will often invite students to participate in Eisteddfod training when they see that the students are displaying readiness to compete. Students who train for eisteddfods are then required to partake in a weekly private lesson to learn and rehearse a routine/s for competitions.

Yes, we have a variety of days and times set for private lessons.

Private lessons are usually booked by students wishing to learn choreography for eisteddfod competitions or for students who would like extra one on one training to assist them with their class work. We recommend that private lessons are taken in addition to classes not as an alternative. Please contact Tina by email at [email protected] to discuss these options.

We gratefully accept any time parents can volunteer to help at our end of year concert, with fundraising events, or various other performances/studio events throughout the year. Please contact Emily at [email protected] to register your interest to volunteer. We thank you very much!

Our teaching staff all have current first aid certificates, working with children’s checks and continue to develop their qualifications in their chosen fields of dance. All teaching staff are provided with training in risk assessment, child safe policies and procedures.