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Ladies Athena Dance

Unleash your Inner Goddess! Through Femininity and Connection
Our classes will teach you how to explore and embrace your femininity; you will learn how to shimmy & shake your way to create positive energy, exude radiance, awakening the mind, body and spirit to show off your natural beauty on a journey of self discovery.

Athena ladies dance classes are open to women of all ages who would like to connect with the universal energy and freedom of femininity. So often in our busy schedules, we don’t take the time to connect with their own femininity as well as with other women. Contrary to the way the media represents women, we are all beautiful and don’t have to be a size 6 or alter our appearance surgically to feel good about ourselves! Athena emphasises performance and characterisation. It is centred around a combination of dance styles including  Jazz, Latin, cabaret along with expressive dance.

Our Athena program is offered to women who would like to attend a more relaxed program with less commitment as well as to those women who would like a more committed program. Our classes offer both performance or casual attendance classes with non-performance.

Athena Ladies Dance is created just for women and incorporates various styles of dance. Athena is all about self-expression, femininity, spirituality and connection with self and others.


There are two payment methods depending on the class duration: Term Payment or Ladies Athena DanceCards

Term Payments – will be invoiced as per our class fees, see Fees page for full details. Classes will run for 1.5 hours.

Ladies Athena Dance Cards – will be available via our Portal, click here to go to the portal. Follow our simple registration process, then to our easy online store – select DanceCard and pay via PayPal. DanceCards are only available for Ladies Athena classes for your class running for 1 hour. Our DanceCard is a 10 visit pass for $180 to be used over a 15 week period. Simply bring the DanceCard to each class to have it marked off.

Visit the Timetable page to see times and locations – here

Please contact us for any queries [email protected]

Ladies Athena Dance

Athena Dance was created for the purpose of Joy

Throughout my entire life I have always appreciated the enormous gift. So many young girls dream of dancing, yet I had never really thought about what life would be like if I wasn’t able to dance and to physically express my emotions this way.

Teaching has blessed me in that over many years I have been able to share the joy and witness so many students of all ages attend classes and enjoy dance. Over the years I started to notice more and more the positive impact dance was having on women, especially those 30-plus. For many women they take very little time themselves. They give and give and put everyone else’s needs before their own. In just an hour class, I witnessed transformations that were simply beautiful. I see the ladies faces light up, their bodies soften and they move in a ways that resembles their childhood years. Tina Moore

Our Instructors

Tina Moore

Tina began dancing at a very young age and her love for dance has proved to be a lifelong passion. Tina opened her studios and has successfully continued for over 2 decades.

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