All 2020 fees are payable in full by the end of each Term. Fees paid by the end of the first week of each term receive the Early Bird Rates listed below. Families will each receive an emailed invoice prior to the commencement of each term via email. For help understanding the invoices, please download the help file click – here.

Please note: Prices below apply to all class locations and are for term payments only.


Class Duration/Location Term Payment = fee below  x  number of weeks per term as above
1/2 Hour $11.00 x number weeks per term
3/4 Hour $13.50 x number weeks per term
1 Hour $16.00 x number weeks per term
1 1/4 Hours $18.50 x number weeks per term
1 1/2 Hours $21 x number weeks per term
Private Lessons $35.50 x number weeks per term
Ladies Athena (1 1/2hr) $18.00 x number weeks per term
Ladies DanceCards (1hr) $180 for 10 lessons over 15 weeks


Once enrolled, please advise us in writing at if any students wish to change the class/classes they are attending. No term refunds are applied for discontinued classes however class changes may be available pending availability. Please see our Illness/Travel Rebate and cancellations policies in our terms and conditions.

Private lessons and Ladies Athena Classes at all locations are not subject to any discounts.

Discount package available:

Full rates apply to students and families attending 1 or 2 lessons per week. Discount rates apply when students enrol in 3 or more separate classes on weekly basis (per student and/or per family)

1st class full rate 5th class incurs a 15% discount
2nd class full rate
6th class FREE
3rd class incurs a 5% discount 7th class incurs a 30% discount
4th class incurs a 10% discount
8th (or more) class(es) incurs 40% discount


An annual registration/administration fee of $40 per family is payable on completion of the enrolment process. Payment of the annual registration fee is required to complete your enrolment.


Ladies Athena

Ladies Athena classes held at all locations can purchase Ladies Athena DanceCards to attend these classes. Ladies Athena DanceCard are for non-performance at our end of year studio concert and run for 1 hour duration.

Please see the Ladies Athena Dance page for more details. These Athena DanceCards are not subject to any discounts or extension and are subject to change.

For Ladies wishing to perform in our end of year studio concert, this class is help at Swansea in the evening only and runs for 1 1/2 hours (see above for pricing).

There is no annual registration/administration fee for all Ladies Athena classes.


Payment options

We have three methods of payment in 2018, direct deposit or bank deposit, cheque or money order, and PayPal online via Parent Portal (including Ladies Athena DanceCards).

Direct Deposit details:

BSB: 637000
Account: 716442306
Reference: the students full name (i.e. Jane Smith)


This year we are introducing PayPal payments for Term fees. This is available via log in to our Parent Portal system at please note: a convenience fee for using this process and will be added to your total prior to check out. This fee is currently 2.9%. This fee is subject to change without prior notice, and will be updated on this page.