All standard fees are payable by Term. Fees paid within the 1st week of each term receive the early bird rates listed below. Students will each receive an individualised invoice prior to the terms commencement via email.

Please note: Prices below apply to all class locations with the exception of Charlestown Athena Dance which is priced at $17 per 1hr session x number weeks per term.


Class Length Term Payment = fee below  x  number of weeks per term as above
1/2 Hour $10.50 x number weeks per term
3/4 Hour $13.00 x number weeks per term
1 Hour $15.50 x number weeks per term
1 1/4 Hours $18.00 x number weeks per term
Private Lessons $35.00 x number weeks per term


Charlestown Athena Dance = $17 x number weeks per term

At the end of each term you will receive an online newsletter and personalised invoice prior to payment being due for the following term. (Please advise us on your enrolment form if you do not have access to email so we are able to post you our newsletters and invoices)
Once enrolled, please advise us in writing at if any students wish to change the class/classes they are attending. No term refunds are applied for discontinued classes however class changes may be available pending availability. Please see our Illness/Travel Rebate and cancellations policies in our terms and conditions.

Discount package available:

Discount rates apply when students enrol in 3 or more separate classes on weekly basis (per student and/or per family)
Full rates apply to students and families attending 1 or 2 lessons per week

1st class full rate 5th class incurs a 15% discount
2nd class full rate
6th class FREE
3rd class incurs a 5% discount 7th class incurs a 30% discount
4th class incurs a 10% discount
8th class incurs 40% discount


Payment options

Our preferred method of payment is via internet direct deposit or bank deposit, however if you are unable to make your payment this way you are able to pay with cheque or money order by posting to PO BOX 223 KOTARA 2289. Term 1 2017 commences Monday 30th January. An annual registration/administration fee of $40 per family will be invoiced upon receiving your enrolment form. The annual registration fee is required to complete your enrolment.
This annual registration fee will replace our 2016 method of quarterly installments.


Please make all tuition fees payable to;

BSB 637000
Account 716442306
(All internet/direct bank deposits must include students name as reference i.e. Jane Smith T1 fees.)